Peace and Conflict Resolution was founded in South-Kivu (Sud-Kivu) province in D.R.Congo, by Pastor Samuel MUDERHWA and his wife Faida M.
They were more challenged to continue with their vision after joined the training of Mediation in Nairobi.
People of eastern of D.R.Congo was passed through chaos caused by the wars which took place in the region.
PCR is not a political organization.
Its aim is creating a peaceful reconciliation, cohabitation among broken families, both children and women hopeless and all who affected by the wars. And also to educating and promote the desires of being responsible and sense of truth, reintegration to break the cycle of violence and poverty.

PCR is registered as a nonprofit organization with the division of justice and human right.
From Ministry of Justice and Human Right in D.R.Congo under national number JUST./SG/20/1448/2019 , provincial number JUST.G.S.112/S-KV/2673.2008 ,
and with Authorization Number 01/260/CAB/GOUVPRO-SK-2012 to work as NGO in Eastern of D.R.Congo.


PCR is focused on resolving conflict at community level.
We strive to establish a society where people and communities are empowered with the skills to overcome conflict and take charge of their destiny.
PCR envisages to reach many areas in our D.R.Congo.

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